Bild: Kathrin Velte

Organization of studies

Semester dates

Current semester dates can be found through the pages of the “Studierendenservice”.

Please note that for exams there may be individual deadlines for registration and for signing off – these deadlines may deviate from the usual deadlines.

Preparing the course and examination plan

In order to make the planning of the optional compulsory curriculum easier, a plan of possible courses is provided (Dokumente und Formulare).

Please note that the course offer may change. The current course offer is announced via TUCaN.

Optional compulsory curriculum:

  • Possibility of choosing two topic blocks as major courses from the list of ESE courses
  • Topic blocks are the blue headlines in the list of courses
  • Specialization 1: 24 CP
  • Specialization 2: 18 CP
  • For Specialization 1 the Master’s thesis is scheduled for the fourth semester.
  • Interdisciplinarity needs to be considered, i.e. for Specialization 1 and Specialization 2 at least two different areas need to be represented (it is not admitted to choose modules from only one area).
  • It is expected that the modules and specializations form a reasonable combination of subjects

Elective curriculum

  • 12 CP, 5 of them from department 1, 2, or 3
  • Possibility of choosing from the full list of TU Darmstadt’s curriculum with the exception of individual module limitations of the departments