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Yes, you do need certificates for your language skills both English and German, English level C1 and German DSH-2.

A list with equivalencies of language certificates is provided by the Language Resource Center.

According to schedule the program starts in the winter term. A beginning in the summer term is possible, but not recommended, as all basic courses take place in the winter term.

To successfully apply for the Master’s program you need to provide the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation in English and German,1 page each
  • Certificate of the Bachelor of Science
  • Language certificate English C1
  • Language certificate German DSH-2

If you are a student of the TU Darmstadt and you want to transfer to the Master’s program, please hand in the proposal for transfer (Antrag auf Wechsel) in due time at the Studinfo Contact Center (SCC). The deadline for inscription for the winter term is September 15th. The Bachelor certificate has to be handed in before November 5th.

You will find the proposal for transfer to a Master’s program and further information here.

If you hold a German Higher Education Entrance Qualification, please apply online via the Studinfo Contact Center (SCC).

For the Master’s program Energy Science and Engineering you can apply holding a Bachelor degree of a research orientated university program. For example:

Applied Geosciences; Applied Mathematics; Architecture; Civil Engineering and Geodesy; Chemistry; Computational Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Information Technology; Information Systems Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Materials Science; Mathematics with a minor subject in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry or Mechanics; Mechatronics; Physics; Environmental Engineering; Industrial Engineering with technical focus on Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

The Bachelor has to cover at least 18 Credit Points (CP) out of courses in Mathematics or out of courses based on Applied Mathematics as well as a minimum of 24 Credit Points (CP) from Engineering or Natural Sciences.

Potentially missing preconditions can be completed during the Master’s program according to the regulatory statutes. Thus, admission on conditions may be possible.

If the conditions require more than 30 Credit Points (CP) admission for the Master’s program is not possible.

Conditions are additional courses (mostly out of the basic study period) to ensure the required qualifications for the Master’s program. If you are admitted for the Master’s program on conditions, the courses are to be completed within the time stated in the admission letter. This is usually within one, in some cases within 1.5 years. In any case, the additional courses must be completed before starting the the Master’s thesis.

Conditions cannot exceed a maximum of 30 Credit Points (CP).

No, in Hesse no tutition fees are required, only the common fees of the Studentenwerk (semester contribution).

Yes, the orientation event for first-year students takes place about a week before classes start.

Almost every class of the first semester is held in English.

In addition, several other classes are held in English as well. The individual choice of focus decides if classes are mostly in English or in German. Therefore, certificates for both German and English language skills are required.

(for further information about required language certificates, please see question 1 of the FAQ)

For qualifiying exams you only have a limited number of repeating attempts. If you have reached the maximum unsuccessfully, exmatriculation is the consequence.

For program achievements those rules do not apply. The professors will inform you at the beginning of classes about the criteria how the achievements can be passed, e.g. participation in training classes, handing in training assignments etc.

Program achievements can be repeated “any time”.

Credit Points will only be listed in your records of achievements when exams and program achievements are passed.

Every exam of the type “Fachprüfung” can be taken up to 3 times (2 repeating attempts). With the 4th amendment of the examination regulations an oral examination for the case of not passing the 2nd repeating attempt of the written examination has been established. This is only possible one time each degree program.

No, there is no internship required for or within the Master’s program.

The semester ticket covers the entire RMV area as well as the transition sections to the areas of the VRN and the NVV. The AStA provides detailed maps and further information.

During the Master’s program 2 core areas out of a catalogue of topics are to be chosen. The 1st focus covers 24 Credit Points (CP), the 2nd focus covers 18 Credit Points (CP).

The options are as follows:

Energieeffizientes Bauen (Energy Technologies in Civil Engineering and Architecture), Infrastruktur (Infrastructure), Regenerative Energie (Renewable Energies), Elektrische Energie (Electrical Energy), Kraftwerkstechnik (Power Plant Technology), Kerntechnik (Nuclear Power Engineering) and Energiematerialien (Energy Materials).

A detailed list of all modules in the topic catalogues is provided in the „Studien- und Prüfungsplan” (see Downloads – only in German).