Bild: Kathrin Velte

Dipl.-Ing. Jie Zheng


Civil and Environmental Engineering



Working Area(s)

Building energy efficiency


Urban Energy – Building Integration and Energy Self-Sustaining Settlement Areas

Title of dissertation

System and User Analysis of integrated Energy Supply Systems in the residential Building Sector


Since 07/2014: PhD Scholarship in Graduate School of Excellence Energy Science and Engineering

10/2005 – 03/2011: Technische Universität Darmstadt, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Diplom Thesis: „Renewable Energy – Numerical Implementation and Application of procedure to simulate the operation of Thermosiphons as Geothermal Sensors“, Degree: Dipl.-Ing.

09/1998 – 07/2002: Tongji University, Shanghai, Civil Engineering, Focus areas: Highway and Transportation Engineering. Degree: Bachelor.

Professional Experience

Since 07/2014: Scientific assistant in TU Darmstadt Energy Center

02/2012 – 06/2014: Research associate in TU Darmstadt Energy Center

07/2011 – 02/2012: Research associate in Provadis School of International Management & Technology

In the meantime, in 10/2011: one month-long work experience in Valencia Spain, as Pioneer for „Pioneer into Practice“ Program of Climate KIC.

07/2002 – 02/2005: Civil Engineer in CHINA RAILWAY FIRST SURVEY AND DESIGN INSTITUTE GROUP Ltd., [Shanghai, V.R China]


R. Katzenbach, J. Zheng, F. Clauss (2013): Energy Efficiency and Resource Management in Social Housing, Dissertation für THE 10th CHINA URBAN HOUSING CONFERENCE – Special forum on sustainable city development and social housing construction.

R. Katzenbach, J. Zheng, F. Clauss (2014): Improve Renewable Energy Development in China with the Experience of Germany, Dissertation für 2014 International Conference on Energy and Power Engineering.

R. Katzbach, J. Zheng, F. Clauss (2014): Energy Efficiency in residential Buildings with well-established Energy Management System, Dissertation 2014 for the 4th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems am 21~23.November, 2014, Singapore.

R. Katzbach, J. Zheng, F. Clauss (2014): Efficiency for Sustainability – Smart Energy Management in social Housing, Dissertation for the 4th Conference on New Energy and Sustainable Development (NESD 2014) am 26~28.December, 2014, Suzhou, China. (This article has been published in “Journal of Power and Energy Engineering” (ISSN: 2327-588X) Vol. 2, No. 12, December 2014)

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