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Andreas Reitz, M.Sc.

Working Area(s)



Solar Fuels

Title of dissertation

Complex borides with special properties

Short summary of dissertation

Synthesis of new and known metal borides/carbaborides with interesting properties for energy specific applications like thermoelectrics or photocatalytic water splitting. The work is mainly focussed on high temperature synthesis and the characterization of the powder/single cristals via XRD. For densification of the powders, Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is used. Physical properties like electrical and thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, Seebeck coefficient and density are measured. Additional methods like REM, EDS and DSC are used. Crosslinking points could be electrochemical or photocatalytical measurements and methods for getting thin films of metal borides.


since 11/2015: PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Excellence Energy Science and Engineering:

Study at the Eduard-Zintl-Institute for Anorganic and Physical Chemistry at the TU Darmstadt

2013-2015: Master of Science: Chemistry at the TU Darmstadt;

2010-2013: Bachelor of Science: Chemistry at ther TU Darmstadt;


Christina Stabler, Andreas Reitz, Peter Stein, Barbara Albert, Ralf Riedel and Emanuel Ionescu, Thermal Properties of SiOC Glasses and Glass Ceramics at Elevated Temperatures, Materials 2018, 11(2), 279

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