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Maximilian Flor, M.Sc.

PhD Project

Evaluation of the renovation process – University buildings in modular design from the 60s and 70s

The focus of this thesis is on the modular design constructions of university buildings. Therefore buildings of the Technische Universität Darmstadt will be examined. With the establishment in the 60s these buildings are typical representatives of their time. Furthermore, the buildings are prototypical for the modular design of the „Darmstädter System“, a type of stackable story construction.

In the course of this work will be analyzed to what extent the energetic remediation process of the building can be modelled and simulated. Therefore the remediation parameters function, construction and economic feasibility will be used. With these specified parameters, different remediation alternatives can be created that can be assessed with the help of energetic simulations.

The aim of this work is to investigate in which cases a simulation of the remediation can simplify the decision making process. In addition, alternative rehabilitation strategies can be examined. These include comprehensive energy solutions that involve the production of energy and the integration of groups of buildings.

If the area of research will be extended to different locations of the whole campus Lichtwiese, or even all properties of the Technische Universität Darmstadt, “energy cluster“ can be formed. These cluster provide with energy and distribute surpluses to a neighbouring cluster or other consumers. The question is whether TU Darmstadt is suitable for such a strategy, or could it serve as a prototype in universitary research context. Another question is whether these exemplary considerations can also be applied to other buildings or building units and thus enable a systemic approach for a variety of buildings.

University Education

since 2015: PhD student at the Excellence Graduate School of Energy Science and Engineering at the TU Darmstadt

2011-2014: Master degree course ”Mechanical and Process Engineering“ at the TU Darmstadt

2008-2011: Bachelor degree course ”Mechanical and Process Engineering" at the TU Darmstadt

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