M.Sc. Energy Science and Engineering

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Topics of the M.Sc.
Topics of the master program

Beginning in the Winter Semester 2012/2013, TU Darmstadt offers a new Master’s program in Energy Science and Engineering – interdisciplinary, unique, and innovative!

This interdisciplinary program of study offers a specialization with a strong focus on energy. The program will account for both the development of renewable energy technologies and the efficient usage of conventional energy sources, while considering other societal and environmental aspects of energy development. For the first time, such a wide spectrum of traditional subjects in the sciences at TU Darmstadt will unite in a single program targeted towards energy research. Through the Energy Center, the university has further expanded its offerings to feature more innovation and forward thinking in a way that is unique in Germany.

On this website, you will find information about the contents and goals of the course curriculum and the field of study, which involves eight different departments at TU Darmstadt.

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